Monday, February 27, 2012


Assalamualaikum peeps!

Yeah i know, to some of us, especially the ones taking physics, would say that Biology is History in science stream. Well, I can't blame them for sure because it's true..with all the facts and complicated processes and out-of-this-world vocabulary to learn and memorize, Biology is sure a subject that requires you to sit alone, and just stare at your 1000 paged textbook..............IF you are a geek who doesn't know how to be creative.

I just watched some really cool videos on Youtube about Biology. I was actually surfing for some animations on RNA transcription and translation, and I did. But what i discovered was way more than just a video showing how RNA was transcribed and translated into polypeptides..What i discovered was how they made those things look easy. Like there was this one video explaining those two processes using M&M's and some strings. It wasn't even a video, it was more to moving pictures or something like that, I don't know..haha but the infromation was really clear it gets to me.They didn't even need to apply high-technology to it, all those 3D technos and stuff that looks really cool but can sometimes be too complicated that in the end, you won't even understand the content because you're too busy wow-ing the 3D animation.

Another thing is most of these interactive learning is done by school students, not by the teachers or any professors. Sometimes I wonder why Malaysian students aren't this creative, including myself. hmmmm *looking up* Maybe it's how we were brought up by our education system. We were mostly taught to memorize and do exercises and not taught on how to learn everything that we learnt interactively. Maybe that is one, big mistake made by our education system. I pity myself. *sigh*
I know some of you might say that we should not follow what the Western people are doing. I say the hell with you! You guys are listening to their music, watching their movies, following all their fashion trends and now, when it comes to education, you're saying that it's their way, our way is different. I say let's not be hypocrite, ok?. If it's for a good cause, why not we set a good example of them? It's about time we change our education system to something that is more interactive and fun, something more informal and not too focusing on examinations. We should focus more on the value of the knowledge itself, and not just on getting good grades.

So guys, I'm saying this not just for Biology, but generally to all subjects. Be creative in learning. That way, you'll appreciate knowledge better and you'll realized that the fun never ends when it comes to knowledge.

If you can be creative in cooking, why not in deriving equations?
If you can be interactive in socializing, why not Biology, History or even Law?
If you can be fun as a person, why not apply it Literature and Language Studies?

It's just a matter of implementing your personalities and who you are in your studies. So good luck guys!

This is a few videos that i thought was really fun to watch Enjoy!

Mitosis dance-life size!

glycolysis song.

If you guys ever want to learn Biology in a fun way, please go to 

the guy who made Biology easy =D

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