Sunday, January 9, 2011


Tears welled up at the very corner of my eye,
I couldn’t stand this excrutiating pain,
As if a thousand knives had pierced through my brain,
I end this immortal sickness with a sigh

How would I ever go through this alone
Without you having my back
I barely could even move a bone
The headache, the flu, the trembles and shivers
All come at once, mercilessly…
Attacking the weakened soul of my body

But friend, you came
Like a glittering linght, shimmering your ever-lasting love
You held out your hands
So that my cry of help would not be in vain
At the very instance I thought this world is only
     Places of the devils, the liars and the traitors
You showed me that love and friendship really matters

Thank you friend, for being there
Not just at times of sickness and miseries
But also at moments of happiness and glory
With you around, things can never go wrong
You’re simply a sweet, melodious, heart-warming
One of a kind song….

p/s: i dedicate this poem specially to Kirin for helping me in times of my sickness...i had a really bad fever and spm was just araound the corner..and boy i was really stubborn..i didn't want to go to the 'sickbay' but then i was forced to do so by my fellow classmates..and Kirin helped a lot..thanks pal!!!

hOOt hOOt Kirin!

Inilah keyrin...sayangku!!

kirin and i

Garang garang!

Kirin the beautiful lioness

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