Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MY ESSAY......

                                                                MEDICINE:A Passion, A Devotion

“As for life, it is a battle and a sojourning in a strange land; but the fame that comes
after is oblivion.”

            If I could just picture how devotedly I am to the world of medicine, the best way would be by imagining how a toddler would act just to get an ice cream. One would jump and scream and throw tantrum to get what he/she wants.For short, he would do everything for anything.Likely, I would do almost anything to get a spot in the field of medical, to be the most dedicated pediatrician in the country.It all started in primary school when everyone was asked of their ambition and almost everyone would answer, “I want to be a doctor”, including me.But, unlike many others, I’ve never changed my mind since then. I am, on the other hand is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life, looking for an extraordinary future named Atina Shahida Adnan

Setting a good foot in education since primary school, I developed most of my traits at MJSC Taiping.Leadership, interdependence, communicative skills and of course, a day of more maturity than before. Presenting my previous school in elocution for the National Language Week and the Engineering Design Exhibition(EDX) has really cultivate the soft skills in me in terms of my interaction with the society and my way of thinking. My experience being under MARA education institution for five years has put a great trust on me to apply for this scholarship because I know what MARA can provide us bumiputera students in regards of a world-class education.

            Australia. The land of koala bears has caught my attention since secondary school. The hospitality, the humane traits of their people, and of course the high quality of education that they provide especially in the medical field, has put the eagerness in me to further my studies there, preferably at the University of Adelaide-School of Medicine. Then, I plan to serve my country and gain as much experience and skills as possible before continuing my specialization on pediatrics in the University of Utah, where I was born in the middle of summer of 11th June,1993. Why pediatrics? Each time I come across a picture, video, or simply by witnessing with my own eyes, of physically or mentally challenged children, it really moved my heart to the extent that treating and providing these children with the best care and hospitality has become my main priority in life. Children, to me are the pictures of tomorrow. As they say health is wealth, the well-beings of these group of people is fundamental in determining the state of our country in the future.

Once it was a dream. Sheer hard work, determination and passion for children’s well-being, has pave the way for me to realise my dream.Now, by getting an opportunity to pursue a medical degree in a reputable foreign university, I certainly believe I’m a step closer to making my passion a profession.

By Atina Shahida Adnan

ps: saje aku nak abadikan sebagai kenangan apply interview MARA.......

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