Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poem-If I Had The Chance

by TinaTito

If I had the chance
The chance of making my own choice,
I don't think I ought to be where I am right now.
But the choice is not mine to make,
and the chance is not mine to take.
Because the choice(which I think it is),
is actually my destiny.
If destiny could be chosen,
Then why ask for another chance?

If I had the chance,
I don't think I want to be a medical doctor.
I might as well be a poet, or a writer,
Or even a lecturer, just like my father.
But that's just it, I didn't have a choice
Because in the first place, this was my fate.
God has paved the road that I'm about to take
in such a way that every single day,
I would pray,
that I become someone I ought to be,
not someone who I want to be.

Want to and ought to are two different english words,
Even if you spell it out in a foreign accent,
they would still be different terms.
What I want is what I don't need.
What I need is a certainty.
Certain that I want to be what I ought to be. 

So if I had the chance,
I would delete all the choices I have,
So I could erase all the temptations,
and make my way to the destination,
that God has set for me through His lense.

(this poem gave birth on Wednesday, 8.15-8.40 pm)  


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