Sunday, November 27, 2011

Qadaya & Rawaie 2011

Mak aii...die dh maen bahsa Arabla pulak...hehe...ala, takde apepun..Qadaya stands for kesedihan, manakala Rawaie lak stands for kegembiraan, or something like that..ketua usrah aku yang cakap..

So for this post I'll be telling a lil' bit of my journey throughout the year 2011, since we are reaching towards 2012...

Overall, i have to say 2011 is the toughest year in my life!! i repeat, the toughest! tougher than the year i had to get out of my mother's womb(1993), tougher than my PMR and SPM years(2008&2010)..because i've to face a lot this year and i think this is the year that i've actually felt what stress is, to make things short, i'll just list down my ups and downs for 2011(there she goes with the listing method again..haha)

  • I didn't get the first line for MARA scholarship.
  • I had to say goodbye tu UIA...missed my friends there like hell!
  • I hated Kuala Nerang for some reasons...charlie and all the other batalions of insects!
  • Chemistry was damn hard and i kept sleeping in class..i think i'm cursed! haha
  • on the last two days of exam, the girls' dormitory had ran out of water so we had to actually go to other places(except for the boys' hostels of course to freshen up, to pee pee and poo poo...yeah! that seriously 'made' my day..
  • i probably won't see my best friend again(Muhammad Syahir bin Khairul Anuar) as he's graduating..i'll miss u buddy!
  • i actually screamed one of my clasmate's name(sorry Adib) for being so tensed because of maths...curse u integration!Adib was the prey and i was the predator..
  • i think i've ran out of positive-thinking this year...i always whine, complain and i rarely smile like i always do.....
  • I got straight A's for SPM! the ultimate happiness..
  • I got into UIA to do foundation in medicine..
  • I got MARA scholarships to do medicine in RCMP..
  • my hatred towards Kuala Nerang lessen because of my classmates..i love u M3!!! so dearly...u guys are everything to me...God is great!
  • alhamdulillah, i got >3.5 for every standardised test for this semester..the only thing getting in my way is chemistry and maths!
  • i got my best friend here who are always there for yah Azmah and Syahir!
  • i'm really grateful to have girlfriends who play basketball like every evening and always forces me to go out and play eventhough i sucked!!haha 

Actually, there's more from where all these came, i actually wasted one day of studying to finish up a video(never got a clue at how people can see me as the IT freak) and only to be disappointed by the rejection for not finishing the video on time..could u just imagine how frustrating it is that your work was rejected when u can actually finish it and the fact that u didn't study for the whole day when it was just 2 days before the finals and u could just watch your other freinds study???!!!aaarggghh! seriously, i've never felt more stressful than that particular time..but as usual, being the 'nice-little-lady-who-doesn't-whine', i kept quiet about it..and i've forgiven but never will i forget. because that will be the starting point where i realised that i never would want to be the person being stepped on on the head or stabbed in the back. The end.

And to make things even, i would like to add on to the rawaie list..I've never felt happier to receive 3 chocolate bars from Syahir..hehehe it was 3 solid cadbury bars! medium size! so what can u say man..syahir, u really know how to light up my day. =) can't wait to get something from u from Australia..haha

so to 2011, adios!! and hello 2012

...okay i think i'm a lil' bit too punctual here..but if u follow the islamic calendar, it's already new year! yay!

i guess that's all for this,i'll just put up some pictures, some memories i had for this year..


2 of my besties...athirah and athbirah..hehehe a.k.a mimi and thirah..

with our dearest Arabic teacher..the coolest ustaz ever!
English class!!


gila-gila di surau

cheering for our debate team! go RCMP!

yup...i've found the reason to my stress

it's war!!
Toodles! =))

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