Monday, April 4, 2011


Man: wei wei wei! sapa buta IT?meh habaq kat aku sat!
Aku: nak tau sgt pasai apa?
Man: tak dakla, aku nk usha la sikit muka manusia buta IT camna..dunia skarang ni mana ada orang buta IT
Aku:(buat muka pekasam kat Man).....abehtu hang ingat semua orang gila gajet cam hang ka?

ok ok ok...sebelum aku melalut ke laut, first and foremost Man tu tak wujud sebab aku ni pon salah satu man..tapi Man tak terkandung dalam kandungan ibuku(ekk??)..i mean, senarai kawanku..aku tu wujudla..aku tu aku la..abestu sape lg..ade ke org nama aku??watahell??!! dan yang buta IT tu sebenarnya akula...jap3..aku ni sape???woii!!! aku ni aku la....adoiii....aku ni Atina..aish!

Ya, as bitter(pait atau pahit) as a bittergourd as it sounds, i am, without a doubt(tulih jelas undoubtedly, kan pendek..biaqla..aku nk tulih panjang2)..i am a blind girl..haha in terms of Information Technology(IT)..i even have to google IT to know what IT stands for..see how idiotic i am at this..

news just broke the windowpane of my house that my friend got a Macbook Pro(watahell??) for her predictable excellent result in SPM..jealous much?? awkward as it sounds, i honestly don't feel a single tingle little tinkle of jealousy in the pit of my gall bladder(???) because...................i simply don't like gadgets!! because........i'm simply dimwitted in this thing called love(what??), i mean, in this thing called technology..

At the very moment when most of my friends are dying to have IPhones, IPads, IMac, Macbook Pro and all those I's and Pro's and Toshiba, Sony, KNK(ni bkn brand kipas ke??),Honda, Monda(i just made this up to rhyme) and other brands that i care nothing of, i on the other hand, are dying-my-soul-is-flying to be the owner of this!!lookie here!

OMG!! Crreeeppyy..
Sorry guys! wrong picture...scroll down..
this is what i want! bkn minah tu..eieie, sebok je minah ni..

Since...err..ever..i've always wanted to own a huge, gigantic,humongous teddy bear!! but....hmm...i couldnt,wouldn't,shouldn't....because mommy says i'm too old for that..rather than owning a Macbook Pro which is soo complicated than a normal laptop(i know, because my dad has one and took me days to figure out the functions)..and i feel too mature using it when i'm actually not..i'd rather have this teddy bear which i can hug and cuddle with and i can play Teatime with (Owmygod that is soo kindergarten)..

 then again, i don't think it's the right time for me to have all this mind-blowing, soul-sucking, toilet-flushing(???) cool gadgets yet because i certainly don't see the use of it...well, another reason is simply because  i don't know how to use them..haha! dasar Buta IT..

So...just a few minutes i'll be posting about Blackberry..wait ya..and yeah,anyway, anyhow...Buta Dota has nothing to do with anything..i wote it because it rhymes and sounds attractive and seductive(watahell??) bye2..


  1. bkn kita org islam, xbley ade patung kat umah sbb nanti malaikat xmasuk? aku slalu dgr la...


    minah in the pic was sooooooo cute la! i wish i could have her...huhu

  2. tula man...bnyk kekhilafan psl patung2 sbnrnye, mmg xbole...cume bab2 hukum ni xbrape nk sure...kene research lg...


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