Monday, April 4, 2011

Ada Apa dengan Beri Hitam??

The title sounds sooo familliar huh??well yeah, i stole it(wow, that makes me a criminal) from the Indonesian movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta....perbedaan aku dengan kau...biar menjadi bait...dalam puisi cinta terindah..ooooo...(dah dah dah...minah ni dh mula dah)...well, let me just translate it into pure, slimy, susurrous English...What's With Blackberry. it ain't catchy aite?tula aku cakap, bahasa Melayu bahasa yang terbaik dari rahim ibu!! hahaha

ok3..back to the future, i  can see that smartphones as smart as Blackberry, Blueberry and Bubbleberry!(i seriously made this up) are a MUST for every's like,

  • IF YOU don't have a smartphone,you're not smart;brain-wise and look-wise....well, that makes me an idiot la for not having a smartphone??this is what i say; if you're soo smart, you don't need a smartphone to help you go through life..

  • IF YOU don't have a smartphone, you are forever lost(ni ayat Ja bg mksud ketinggalan zaman) and therefore be banished from the world of trend and fashion!! errkkkk...over gile minah yang cakap ni..aku rasa kau fashionable je xde smartphone...aku rasa smartphone tu yang takde sense of fashion! sekali dengan tuan punya smartphone pun takde deria fesyen..

i see that teenagers nowadays are eager to have them...why my friends why???please enlighten me because i seriously can't see the rationality of our nationality of being Mongolians(watahell??)..hahah sorry..i was crapping..let's just study this Balackberry(typo error *blackberry) thing for a sec..

Let's just do this in point form, shall we?

  1. Its U-G-L-Y you ain't got no alibi , you're ugly, ah ah you're ugly! PERSONALLY, what sense of fashion do you consider when you see this? i mean, just look at it..with that look, yeah..i'll need all the courage i can get to show it off to the world..Be Bold Atina..but, you know what they say, beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder..that 'beholder' must be really blind..
  2. just look at those tiny's sooo tiny i might actually press QWERTYUIOP all at once..this is the perfect phone for human beings who have XS fingers like my hamster feet(btw, my hamster's name is Perottt) 

I can't say much about the applications and functions and logarithms and probability and simultaneous equations and yeah, i'm just crapping..pure crap! beats the crap out of me..STOP.

i know most of you guys who bought this smartphone and are eager to buy are just simply because it's the latest yo-yo trend, and the fixie trend( trend..apa-lagi-trend and now, the Blackberry trend...but you guys don't actually need it..or use's just to show off, kan kan kan????haa...tau pon malu..BLAME THE TREND-SETTER!! PUNISH EM' IN THE DARK DUNGEON OF DOOOMMM! ok, i'm just kidding..

whatever i say, it's all based on personal advice, don't think much about all this trend schmend(crap)..just be yourself..if you think that blackberry is hideous(like i do) but you still want it cuz 
you don't wanna be the laughing stock of your friends, then tell this to them;

"oh my god!! you look even much more hideous with that extremely hideous-looking phone!"

err...don't say's very offensive...hahaha anyway...think wise, act wise! toodles... 


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