Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ronda-ronda Penang

On 21st January, me and my Muffin Mafia gang( aliah and fatin, inclusive of azmah) had the best ronda-ronda penang ever! Besides walking around the town( practically the whole town) on our own two feets, we went visiting places we've never been before( or I'VE never been before) like Little India and Masjid Kapitan's a shame how i've been living in this Pearl of the Orient for more than a decade and yet, there's many more that i've not discovered =(

behind us is komtar

Fatin-the future doctor

   The best part was going there by bus(RapidPenang to be exact). I was the most excited one in the group as i've never went anywhere on a bus before( yeah yeah, i was daddy's lil' girl)'s simply because my parents didn't let them, i'm still their baby girl..sad huh? but that's not the case. What's important is that i've learnt soo much in just one day! 

Actually, Fatin made it to UIA through SPC so this was our last get-together with her and we want it to be special and memorable. What better ways to spend time with your besties than to just roam around in the middle of the city, right? =) To make it short, we went to the bazaar to look for cheap cloths for aliah to wrap her notebooks. She's doing this small business of selling her own notebooks which she uses fancy cloths to wrap them up. Its RM 15 per book( promoting, hahaha!) Fatin was just surveying the baju kurung there for her to buy for UIA. As for me, i was just surprised to see a world i've never seen before for as long as i lived. the bazaar looked a lot like the one in Pengkalan Kubor, Kelantan. there were loads of shops selling all these fabrics and nice clothes.

Even though, they're not designer labels and highly branded stuff which sometimes have extremely preposterous prices that blow your minds ( like the ones i saw in Singapore) but are the ugliest you've ever seen, they're still nice to look at and btw, who cares if they have any brands at all?? at the end of the day, all those brands are attached to the back of your clothes and nobody is going to see it. Worse, if you're wearing and ugly red dress with a huge paste diamond on the clivage, people are still going to ask you with that cynical + sarcastic tone of voice that's going to make you cry to your mom ," who made that?seriously, it's that a table cloth?" and you just have to swallow everything up and say," i'm afraid it's Dolce and Gabbana" like this picture =)

Sorry, i got a litle carried away. Its just PMS.hahahahaha

Back to the story, after that, we met this humble little shop called the Sam's Batik House. This is where Fatin found her dream blouse which was heavenly! I tell you, its sooooooooooooo beautiful, and its white! but, wait till you hear the price. RM280!! for a blouse?! yeah! that's the same response the three of  us gave the first time the price got out of that Bangladeshi man's mouth. Forget it! but looking at fatin's face when she saw that blouse, we( aliah and i) knew she wanted it so badly. so me and aliah gave each other The Wink ** behind fatin's back. We asked her to change and wear the blouse and style it out while aliah and i discussed on buying it the next time before fatin heads it for UIA. We smiled to the guy and headed out of the shop. =D

         We decided to pray at Masjid Kapitan Keling for Zohor and Asar. Surprisingly, none of us had ever stepped in the mosque before! Shame2.......all we had seen was the outer part of the mosque which was beautiful and antique. We took a few pics after that which looked exactly like a vacation in India. hahaha! To top it off, while we were having fun posing for pics in front a mosque, there was this sufi guy(as labeled by aliah)...wearing a jubah and white serban and had eyeliner all over his eyes(over!) like a tabligh...watching us like we had bombs under our we made a run for!!phewww.........

Masjid Kapitan Keling's i-don't-know-what

Then we went to Little India to find aliah's bangles. FYI, aliah is a "bangle addict", like you've never imagined! she's crazy about all types of bangles, even the ones in Hindi movies which we usually see the actresses wear until it reaches their elbow, or even higher! That's little india, where the indians felt like home and where aliah's heaven was. We went to visit all the boutique there where they sell all this nice punjabi suit and other indian clothing that i know nothing of. After aliah got what she wanted( that was after loitering around the shops like a hundred times, the same shops!) we went back as it was getting late. Fatin headed back with her mom while me and aliah got on a bus to aliah's house. The next thing i know, i was having a splendid sleepover at aliah's house with dominos pizza and indian movies( Mujse Dosti Karoge) that's what i call LIFE. 

lost in Little India

look at that winning smile! and she's killing our feets for those bangles

sooooooooooooooooo......................that was it. the journey we ventured in the hectic town of penang. btw, we met sharzeen at BJ where she's currently working at a fashion store. Maybe, the next post i'll be telling a lil' bit of fatin's farewell surprise that we did. Thank you mafias for a wonderful journey. 


p/s- seriously, kitorang macam pelancong di negeri sendiri je..macam tak pernah pergi je tempat2 tu sedangkan dah tahap meluat tengok pun ade..tula, sebenarnye, pergi dengan kawan ni lain ckit rasenye. bende yang normal pun jadi excited terlebih(overrr!) hahaha apepun. enjoy reading!

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